Northwest Hydro Solutions has your Home and Garden covered.

We can provide DIY designs for your home & garden right through to technical reticulation advice and sales. We are your total water management specialists. 

Pond Products

Northwest Hydro Solutions stock quality products for all your garden pond needs. From Pumps, filtration to pond liners and fish food, we stock the equipment you need to create a healthy pond oasis. 

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Pond Products
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Keep your garden looking it’s best with a little help from our expert team. We can design and install complete garden reticulation systems, including watering station control units and sprinklers, as well as pond pumps, water recycling units and accessories.

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Pool & Spa

You wouldn’t drink anything less than the cleanest water, so why should what you and your family swim in be any different?

To keep your pool or spa sparkling clean all year round, we happily provide real advice about managing your pool’s filtration system in a language you understand.

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Whether it’s large aquatic centre pools or a domestic backyard pools or spas, we provide:

  • General service & maintenance
  • A variety of pool & spa pumps
  • Spare parts and fittings
  • Filter pressure checks, and more!

For a great range of products, and local, friendly service, drop in and see the team today.